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Project Amal ou Salam


  • Empower Syrian children to rebuild their country and work for peace


Targeted population:

  • Syrian refugee children living primarily in neighboring countries

Challenge addressed:

  • Lack of educational services for refugee children

Program description:

  • Workshops include some or all of the following activities: art, sports, team and trust-building, music, and photography
  • Art includes activities such as ‘Rebuild Your Town’, where children are asked to think about their hometowns and the many places and people they will need to rebuild their communities, and ‘Peace Flags’, where children paint flags depicting what peace means to them
  • Sports activities include games and team sports, providing both team-building opportunities, fun, and exercise
  • Team and trust-building involves activities and games including Simon Says, three-legged races, trust falls, relay races, and the human knot, to help promote teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills
  • Music sessions introduce rhythm and beat using the body and voice to produce music without instruments, which promotes self-confidence and listening skills
  • Photography sessions introduce children to core technical aspects of photography (perspective, depth, framing) and concepts such as empathy and emotional awareness, which they are able to apply by being given a digital camera and asked to take pictures of their surroundings
  • In addition to longer workshops, Project Amal ou Salam has supported informal activities to support Syrian children
  • This includes sending school and art supplies to a refugee camp in Ersal (Lebanon), organized a gymnastic workshop in Zaatari refugee camp (Jordan), and hosted Eid celecrations in Surouj (Turkey) and Kobani (Syria)
  • Project Amal ou Salam means Project Hope and Peace
  • In total, Project Amal ou Salam has supported over 6,000 children in four different countries and worked with over 100 volunteers from around the world, including members of the host community

Impact on targeted population:

  • The program helps empower Syrian refugee children and teaches them new skills, including teamwork, creative and self expression, and critical thinking

Impact on host community:

  • Members of the host community are able to work as volunteers, gaining a better understanding of the lives of refugees and promoting greater inter-community interaction

Conditions required:

  • Adequate resources to be able to run activities, such as art classes, and volunteers to ensure the effective running of the workshops


Nousha Kabawat, Founder and Director of Project Amal ou Salam

The Huffington Post – ‘6 Organizations Helping Syrian Refugees That You Might Not Have Heard Of’

Volunteer with Project Amal ou Salam


  • 3700

    réfugiés ont un meilleur accès à l’éducation et à des moyens de subsistance

  • 40

    pays dans lesquels nous avons des ONG partenaires

  • 490

    enfants ont accès à des cours de mathématiques, d’art, de langue et de sport

  • 700

    femmes peuvent maintenant subvenir aux besoins de leur famille

  • 650

    réfugiés ont accès à des informations clés pour leur sécurité


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