Coloring Book to Promote Children’s Safety and SGBV Awareness

  • Malaysia


International Catholic Migration Commission (ICMC)


  • Increase refugee children’s understanding of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) and appropriate touching.


  • Help reduce, prevent and address SGBV among refugee children
  • Reinforce lessons learned by child refugees during the Children’s Safety Program’s (CSP) training in schools and primary learning centres
  • Ensure children understand what constitutes ‘good touching’, ‘bad touching’ and how they should do if someone touches them inappropriately.

Targeted population:

  • Burmese refugee children

Challenge addressed:

  • Lack of creative resources designed to help children better understanding SGBV
  • Refugee children’s lack of understanding of how to address being touched unsafely
  • Lack of Burmese language information available to children

Program description:

  • The Children’s Safety Program (CSP) works to reduce, prevent and address SGBV
  • To do this, CSP provides training to Burmese refugee children on SGBV awareness training in schools and primary learning centers
  • The coloring book is one of IDMC’s creative means of reinforcing the key messages of the CSP training
  • The coloring book is bi-lingual in English and Burmese
  • It reinforces the ‘touching rules’, which includes what a child should do if they have been touched unsafely, and four ways for children to say ‘No!’
  • It helps children understand the connection between their rights and responsibilities, such as their right to education and their responsibility to go to school
  • The coloring book also includes four images for children to color in while identifying if the pictures are examples of either ‘good touch’ or ‘bad touch’
  • The coloring book also includes details of the IDMC’s hotline phone number, which children can use to report an incident or gain more information

Impact on targeted population:

  • Increased child refugees knowledge about the dangers of SGBV and what they can do if they are at risk
  • Reinforce classroom-based learning in a creative and fun way
  • In 2015, IDMC provided personal safety training to 602 children

Conditions required:

  • Formal training for refugee children to be educated on SGBV issues
  • Artistic skills to produce the images to be colored
  • Translation skills to reproduce book in the relevant language(s) used by refugee children



IDMC – Preventing and addressing gender-based violence in Malaysia

Coloring Book [English and Burmese]

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